Kilbjorn saw the light of day in January 2015, but the seed was planted on a California roadtrip back in 2012. Cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway in a fire red convertible we talked about street wear and the disconnect between price and quality. The importance of customer service, the aesthetic of timeless designs - and the big question that lingered for the years that followed; could we do better?

This is our attempt to do just that. While most of the clothes in your closet are mass produced, we chose a different path. Our belief is that you deserve well designed streetwear – environmentally responsible printing on high quality fabric, at a fair price.

All Kilbjorn products are printed in small batches, this means no stock piles of unsold garments, and no excess waste.

What does Kilbjorn mean?

Kilbjorn is named after our founder's late grandfather Kolbjørn; a family man remembered for his quick wits, good looks and kind demeanour. The name Kolbjørn is an old norse name, combining the words Kol (meaning coal, synonymous with dark or black) and Bjørn (meaning bear). In essence, it’s a pretty badass name that translates to Black Bear.

Kilbjorn is based in Oslo, Norway.