My first automatic: Seiko SKX007

Even though I have owned a few so-called fashion watches (Daniel Wellington, I'm looking at you), I never considered myself a "watch guy". For the most part, the watches I've had only got a few days of wrist time before I took them off and forgot about them. My phone tells the time just fine, so there's really no need for another piece of metal strapped to my body, right?

Cue my watch collecting brother-in-law, whose compilation include the likes of Omega and Rolex – the epitome of luxury watch brands. Color me intrigued. Conversations with my brother-in-law eventually sent me down the rabbit hole of horology (the study of measurement of time), spending more time than I'd like to admit browsing the great community on r/Watches. While I am in no position to spend thousands of dollars on a watch, I started entertaining the idea of starting my own, albeit smaller watch collection. 

I decided to try and find a watch with timeless design (pun intended), with an automatic movement, for under $300. In my research, one name kept appearing at the top of rankings and suggestions of value-for-money time pieces: the Seiko SKX007. You can get one on Amazon for around $200, so I did.

If you've never owned an automatic watch before, let me tell you one thing: people will give you looks as you check the time 3, 4, and 5 times within the span of a short minute. There is something about the smooth ticking seconds hand just doing its job, powered not by a battery but small bearings and springs, constantly being wound as you move about. It's like magic. 

There are many reasons why the SKX007 is widely considered to be the best value-for-money watch you can get, at any price point, and experts have said it better than I ever could. Nevertheless, here are a few:

  • The stainless steel case is ISO-rated at 200m water resistance
  • The Seiko patented Lumibrite gives it one the of the brightest lumes out there
  • Powered by the notoriously bullet-proof 7S26 automatic movement

To sum it up, I've worn my SKX every day since it arrived in my mailbox, and absolutely love it. I might even consider myself a "watch guy", and yes I have started looking at adding to my minuscule collection. 

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